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July 20, 2016  18th Edition
In this edition:
  1. Summer Time
  2. Back to reality — The 2016 Election Season
  3. Local Township meetings, Congressional Caucuses & State Convention
  4. In answer to the question I am most frequently asked.
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Summer Time
  Yep! It is hot enough!

Summer has always been my favorite time of year, but this late May through Mid-July has been really, really warm outside. Those of us who are out knocking on doors and meeting voters have to be really careful to not get overheated. Maybe the last half of July will be just a bit cooler. I have been doing a few things other than campaigning, so before I get to the election I want to share a few of my activities with you.
Covenant House
  The Ribbon Cutting for the first building of the new Covenant Place Housing was held June 21st . The building is located on the site of the old Strike and Spare Bowling Alley on the Northwest corner of Lindbergh and Scheutz. Affordable housing for our senior citizens that looks fantastic and is built with extras for those who may have special accessibility needs. Outside of the apartments, the common areas are large and nicely appointed.
Graduation at ITT Tech
  I was honored to be the Commencement Speaker on June 9th for the ITT Tech School Graduation. The students earn accredited degrees in areas of study such as Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Drafting and Design, Business, Nursing and Health Sciences. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was justifiably proud of the graduates.
  I also had the privilege of riding in a vintage Buick Riviera convertible for the June 26th Pride Parade in downtown St. Louis, joined by a number of my fellow elected officials including State Rep. Alan Green (North County), State Rep. Mike Colonna (South City), State Rep. Bob Burns (Affton), and State Rep. Bill Otto (Bridgeton).

That's my oldest daughter, Stephanie riding with me.

I love the floats and costumes, and the crowds were fantastic with thousands of happy and friendly people, despite a nearly oppressive heat.

And believe me, nothing beats the thrill you get when you drive under that giant American flag suspended by the two St. Louis Fire Department aerial trucks.
Family Fun
  Other activities included attending the Shakespeare Festival and seeing a wonderful performance of Mid-Summer Nights Dream. Of course, we had to visit one of our favorite St. Louis institutions, Circus Flora. They have some marvelous acts by individuals with some really incredible talents.
Back to reality — The 2016 Election Season
  This election year has been truly crazy (and will probably get more so), with many candidates, so many ads and the subject matter seems difficult to sort through sometimes. I know a number of the candidates personally and that helps me, but really does not help you. To be quite honest I am a bit prejudiced and in my notes to you I do try to be more in the center, but I will admit that I do lean (sometimes more than a bit) to the left. I try to be fair and consider all the viewpoints, but some of the things I have been hearing strike me as disconnected. Take the Republican gubernatorial candidates, I am not sure how shooting a gun and having something explode tells me anything I really need to know about a candidate.

One thing I truly dislike is when one candidate works to discredit their opponent. I want to know why I should vote for someone, not why I should vote against their opposition.

Many people are quite concerned and worried about the possible outcomes.

For my part, I will not flood your mailbox, nor will I bother you with robo calls or have troops knocking at your door. You will get a few reminders asking for you support and when to vote.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a primary is to reduce the number of candidates for each seat to one per political party. You will be asked your ballot choice and can select only one. Those are the rules.
Township Meetings, Congressional Caucuses & the State Convention
  For the Democrats, this year has been a whole new game. We had lots of new young millennials attending the events. Their numbers were large at the Township, Congressional District and State meetings and they brought with them a great deal of excitement, along with an enthusiastic desire to be involved.

At the State Democratic Convention, we elected 15 at-large delegates to attend the National convention as representatives of Missouri, 8 pledged to Clinton and 7 pledged to Sanders . There was lots of enthusiasm and noise which was nice to see. I just wish they had been a little more knowledgeable, and had a better understanding of the process.

It was interesting and in an odd way educational. There are a lot of new voters out there!
In answer to the question I am most frequently asked:
  As a State Representative I am often asked how I can stand it? The 'it' is never defined. but the understanding is that it refers to the chaos of working as an elected official in the current atmosphere. I am part of a small minority (45 members in of the House 2015-2016) constantly overruled by a super majority (118 members), which means, our chances of stopping or amending legislation is almost nonexistent. We do however manage to slow things down so less harmful legislation gets passed; sometimes we can make some small changes to reduce the evil.

I will always listen to everyone (well…to a point) as I find it interesting to learn how others think and and how they come to the conclusions they reach. It is kind of fascinating - sometimes funny, sometimes sad. If you can understand the reasoning you often have a better chance to rebut the argument with logic and common sense. It is the old give them enough rope and maybe they will hang themselves routine.

In my very economically and socially diverse district stretching from Woodson and I-170 to River Bend Estates, west of Hwy. 141, everyone has the same five needs:
  • a safe place to live
  • an affordable place to live
  • a meaningful job at a fair wage
  • educational opportunities for our children
  • decent healthcare
There is no reason we cannot provide these opportunities for all of the people of our state.

We need to quit fussing about things already settled, stop trying to legislate religious beliefs, and focus on the basics. We need to accept others beliefs as their beliefs and move on to the bigger picture. We also need to figure out and solve some of the issues making people so very fearful.

And that is why I am running for re-election. I have served two of a possible four (two year terms) in the Missouri House. I am running for a 3rd term and have opposition in both the primary (August 2nd) and general (November 8th) elections.

In my campaigns we work to keep things simple, to the point and voter focused.

If you would like to help me retain my seat there are a few ways you can help:
  • Vote for me.
  • Tell your friends and neighbors to vote for me.
  • Host a sign in your yard (we deliver and pick up).
  • Volunteer to work a polling place for an hour or more.
  • If you are really hard core you can send funds, Just click here to donate online.
    Or you can mail a donation to:
    Friends of Sue Meredith
    8 Sunview Lane
    St. Louis, MO 63146
As always

Thank you for your support, and for giving me the opportunity to represent you in Jefferson City. Keep in touch and give me your thoughts on potential town hall topics.

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